Bayport – Blue Point Chamber of Commerce General Meeting Minutes

February 24, 2016


Meeting was called to order at 8:00 by Lenore


Pledge of Allegiance


Introductions– Chamber members, school faculty and administration introduced themselves and gave an overview of their businesses’


Treasurer’s Report– we have a little over $8,000 in our general account

Membership-Bryn reported we currently have 141 members in good standing. This is good for this point in the year, and the parade is helping bring in new members


Marketing– Marketing committee will resume meeting after the parade, which is less than a month away. More to come soon.


Grants– Seth gave an explanation of the grant process

Grand Marshal Dinner– this event was held in January honoring our Grand Marshall. It was well attended and a good time was had by all


St Patrick’s Day Parade– Lenore and Tom updated us on our March 13 parade. It starts at 11:00. The parade costs about $40,000 to pull off. The parade committee has been busy selling ads to raise money. The parade line-up has been completed.


Intermission snacks for “The Pajama Game” were provided to our seniors on February 3. Thanks to Carol for organizing the treats.


Downtown Beautification– Carol and Chris are heading the committee to beautify our streets. Plans include flowers, wreaths and holiday decorations. A brunch and a ladies tea are being planned for fund raisers. Fund raising will be tracked in Chamber Park. Sponsorships are available. The committee is coordinating with other community groups. We need help. Please speak with Carol and Chris to get involved


Key note Speaker – Brian McAuliff

Brian discussed his business and talked about how to be successful including:

  • Stand out and be different…you need to be remembered
  • Select good mentors
  • Get involved – there are many great organizations out there
  • Work at registration tables – you get to talk with everyone
  • Read – especially self-improvement books
  • Dress for success – dress for the job you want
  • Always think about how people feel/think after they speak with you
  • Reverse engineer – imagine where you want to be and plan backwards
  • Be your best – first impressions are essential
  • Build connections – who you know is important


Up Coming Events

St Patrick’s Day Parade, Sunday, March 13th, starts at 11:00 AM


Next General Meeting, Wednesday March 30th 5:30 PM at LeSoir in Bayport – seating is limited



Bayport Blue Point Chamber Of Commerce August’s 2015 Meeting Minutes

Officers & Directors

Present: Lenore Ringer Prezioso, Karl Auwaerter, Bryn Elliott, Tom Reid, Jamie Rosner, Steve Klinzing, Michelle Gillette, Chris Cook and Maureen Mennella

Absent: John Weissman, Tom O’Connell, Laura Rogacki, Kathy Heinlein, Chris Cavanugh, Seth Needleman, Skip Pope, Ray Reilly, Carol Seitz,


Meeting called to order by President, Lenore Ringer Prezioso, Pledge of Allegiance

Round Robin- Member Introduction

Treasurers Report: Presented by Lenore in Tom’s absence

General Account Balance – $ 5716.00

Outreach Account Balance $4297.00

Correspondence – Nothing new to report

Membership– presented by Bryn Elliott

We have 55 applications in; Bryn reminded everyone to please send in their dues,

Tom Reid stated that membership is available on line, and you can pay through Pay Pal on our website

New Members – Scals, Italian Restaurant and Cast Away- Marine Consignment Store located in Holbrook

Marketing Committee– presented by Tom Reid

Committee members; Tom Reid, Chris Cook, Carol Seitz, Kathy Heinlein, Bryn Elliott, Seth Needelman, Lenore Ringer-Prezioso

Working on the following initiatives;

Redo Chamber Directory, expand networking opportunities, promote website, Facebook, Instagram, currently receiving 3500 hits per month

If you have any ideas please send them to Lenore, number 1 priority is to Have FUN!

Grants  – presented by Lenore in Seth’s absence

Seth has been working extremely hard on finding grants. The good news is; there is a lot of money available, but it will take a lot of work to get it.  Currently working on: flags for flag poles, welcome signs for Bayport/Blue Point, and signs for Chamber Park

Boo Du – presented by Nikita and Karl

Duathlon (2 mile run, 14 miles on bike, 2 mile run) will be held on 10/31/2015 at 8:30 am in Corey Park. The permits are currently in with the Town of Islip, Town of Brookhaven and the Police Department. All funds raised go to the Outreach Fund. There will be a cap of 150 participants. There will not be any road closures. We are looking for sponsorships, raffles and volunteers to help. Please contact Nikita with any questions.

Saint Patrick’s Day Parade- Presented by Lenore

Current committee – Tom Reid, Lenore Ringer Prezioso and Skip Pope

Chris Cavanaugh is not spearheading this year, so we will need a lot more committee members

Letters have been sent to the Pipe Bands… stay tuned for more information

School Calendar – Tom Reid

Calendar is being printed as we speak J …..It will be out and around town shortly.

Perri Marchan Golf Outing – Presented by Lenore

The outing was a huge success, thank you to everyone who supported it

Suffolk County Marathon – presented by Nikita

The event will be held on Sunday September 13, 2014. We are expecting 1000-2000 runners. It will be a premier event. Please come out and support the runners and their families. All proceeds from the race will go to support Suffolk County Veterans.  Please note, it is the last qualifying race for the Boston Marathon. We will have a lot of folks coming into town. The Finish Line will be at Heckscher State Park, where local restaurants/ pubs will sponsor “a Taste of LI” Festival.  Lenore distributed a list of the road closures; they will be posted on our website. The run is organized by Greater LI Running Club, not the Chamber. There will be shuttles running from St. Josephs College. The run should be over by 12:00. Please get the road closures out to the public.

Upcoming Events:

Senior Resident Dinner scheduled for October 7, 2015

Senator Boyles’s Networking & Small Business Expo at Captain Bills –October 8, 2015 from 4:00-7:00

Southside Hospital Networking Event – Southside Hospital -October 22, 2015 from 6:00-8:00

South Shore Halloween Duathlon – Corey Beach -October 31, 2015

Membership Appreciation Dinner – December 2, 2015 – Blue Point Fire House

Next Meeting – September 30, 2015 at 5:30 – Bayport Aerodrome Museum, pizza will be served



Bayport-Blue Point Chamber of Commerce

General Meeting


Flo’s Luncheonette

Called to order, 11:59, by President, Lenore Ringer-Prezioso

Members present:  Ronnie Devine, Trisha Rossi, Charlie Eggleton, Beth Eggleton, Mike Cavanaugh, Norm Marchioch, Jim March, Susan Chant, Samantha Desmond, Danny Hernandez, Nikita Dorcinvil, Gene Horton, Dorothy Johnson, Christine Cusack, Vincent Cunningham, Toni Ann Ferrari, Laura Brooks

Board Members present:  Lenore Ringer-Prezioso, Laura Rogacki, Carol Seitz, Steve Klinzing, Tom Reid, Craig Charach, Skip Pope, Bryn Elliot, John Weissman

Dr. Butera, Bayport-Blue Point School District: Bond Survey will be open for another week online

Round Robin: all present introduced themselves and spoke about their businesses

Vice President’s Report: John Weissman, Membership Dinner, Shop for a Cause

Treasurer’s Report:  No report

Secretary’s Report: Laura Rogacki, read May’s minutes, discussed Installation Dinner. Looking for nominations for the Town of Islip Small Business Award

Marketing Committee Report:  Tom Reid. Looking for ideas on how to showcase businesses

Grants:  No Report

Lenore spoke about the Installation Dinner and thanked Past President, Kathy Heinlein for her service as President and welcomed new Board Members, Carol Seitz, Chris Cooke and Maureen Mennella

Calendar:  Tom Reid:  75% full. Still room available. About 75,000 glances a month. Call Tom asap.

Facebook:  Contact Tom Reid. He suggested that you post to the FB page and he will repost it for you as the Chamber

Scholarships:  Laura Rogacki congratulated the Chamber Scholarship Winners, Andrew Cooley and Anthony Prezioso. Andrew Cooley was present and thanked the membership for the scholarship.

Perri Marchan Golf Outing:  Lenore.  One foursome is left. Thanked Chamber Members for supporting this event.

Shop for a Cause:  Local Artists and Craftsmen will display and sell goods.  Portion of funds raised will go to the Outreach Fund.

Boo-Du:  Corey Beach, 10/31/15.  Looking for Sponsorships for Bags, Signage, etc.  Cash prizes, raffles and trophies. Relay Teams possible.  Look for more announcements.

Jim March:  Reinstating the Senior Citizens Dinner.  School District will totally manage it.  Attracts over 400 seniors from the community.  Jim will reach out to the Secretary with more information.

Lenore thanked Gene Horton for setting up this meeting with Flo’s.

Library:  Has 2 Community Boards if anyone wants to post and event.  Susan Chant 631-363-6311 x 28


Next meeting: 8/26 People’s United Bank

Meeting adjourned 12:48


Respectfully Submitted,

Laura Rogacki, Secretary